Audacity Capital

Global capital markets are evolving beyond normal human operation. Knowledge, experience and instinct are further integrated in trading algorithms while network technology drives the market beyond physical intervention.

At Audacity Capital, we work at the forefront of these developments, deploying in-house built trading strategies for our proprietary trading operation.

As a proprietary trading firm, we only put our own capital at risk. By making markets, we add liquidity and efficiency to the financial markets. We operate worldwide on 10 different electronic trading venues in on and off-exchange derivatives. Established in 2013 and now a team of 9 strong, we moved beyond the initial start-up phase. Which means we're now more about the 'walk' than just the 'talk'.

Audacity is not just our name, it's also how we work. We take a bold stance, don't mince words and always consider a fresh approach. 

Audacity Capital DMCC & Audacity Capital Technologies BV

Audacity Capital Technologies BV is located in the Netherlands. This is where we do all of our software development and network magic. Audacity Capital Technologies is part of the Audacity Capital group and 100% owned by the operating company in Dubai, Audacity Capital DMCC.