18-Dec 2015, Audacity Capital signs on Maarten Kalff as system architect


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Audacity Capital signs on Maarten Kalff as system architect

Dubai, 18 December 2015 -  Audacity Capital, the Dubai based proprietary trading firm announced it has signed on Maarten Kalff to further build and expand the technical infra-structure of the company. This latest hire is another step in the implementation of the company’s strategy to gather the smartest minds in the financial industry to operate the most technical advanced financial markets trading firm.

Dutch native Maarten Kalff has over 10 years of experience in the financial markets as a market infrastructure consultant and solutions architect for several renowned organizations such as consulting firm Schuberg Philis and market making and HFT trailblazer Optiver. His in-depth knowledge of data center infra-structure and exchange connectivity will be essential in building Audacity’s trading infra-structure.

Harold Duineveld, MD at Audacity Capital stated: “We’re extremely pleased to have Maarten join our team. Maarten is unique in combining his expertise in market infra-structure with great product knowledge. A successful trading engine can only work if the people engineering the models, coding the software and designing the hardware can seamlessly work together and understand each other. With Maarten’s help we’ll ensure that the infra-structure solutions are fully tuned to the needs of our trading models”. Mr. Kalff, who will join Audacity on a consulting basis, also commented on the announcement: “I took a good look at the plans and the people and liked what I saw. Audacity is a young and ambitious organization, packed with talent operating as ‘Fintech’ prop trading. They have little to none ‘old school’ legacy systems in both IT and management which means they can be nimble and efficient, essential to building a successful trading methodology. It’s exciting to be part of that”.


Audacity Capital DMCC is a global player in the financial markets. Headquartered in Dubai it operates as a proprietary trading firm using in-house developed software and algorithms. Audacity Capital is a member of FIA Asia (Futures Industry Association) and operates under the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center) infra- structure, a strategic initiative by the Government of Dubai to provide the physical, market and financial infra-structure to facilitate a commodities market place in Dubai. As a proprietary trading firm it solely uses own capital to take positions in financial products providing liquidity to the financial markets. As an organization, Audacity Capital recognizes that success in financial markets is driven by technological and financial engineering. Audacity therefore employs the smartest engineering minds to build their trading methodology and infra-structure.