Technology is essential to the market place and of course our operation. Being competitive in trading these days is predominantly an engineering issue. Our engineering team is the core of our operation. In the rat race that technology has become we bank on the insights, expertise and drive of our people to keep us ahead. It's the smartest systems that win this game, but you're still dependent on the smartest brains to build them.

The smartest brain is a combined brain where programming, data analytical and trading minds merge to work together. This mind meld creates the sharpest tool in the shed. 

In the financial industry, massive amounts of data are being generated in fractions of seconds. Breaking this data down and processing it to swiftly react to market changes requires continual refinement of our engineering solutions. This can only be done when you develop your own solutions. Above all, our team has to be not just passionate about engineering, but also passionate about the financial markets.