A solid and relevant academic background is an essential starting point for working at Audacity. If you can convince us of your value, regardless of accomplishments, and you are still fueled by an infinite inquisitive thirst, Audacity might be the place for you.

We welcome open applications, especially on the programming side. Take a look at the following requirements to see if you can raise our interest:

  • Solid experience in building multi-threaded, distributed applications.
  • Knowledge of coding in C++, C#, Java, or Go a plus.
  • Experience or affinity with trading and finance.
  • Responsible self-starting problem solver.
  • Experience with unit testing, continuous integration, and other good software engineering practices.
  • Minimum M.Sc. in computer science, mathematics, or related field or 4 years of experience.

So, should we be interested in you? You can click here to submit your resume for an open application.

Available positions